somewhere down the crazy
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The So Lows bring their own approach to the Great American Music that inspires them. Hailing from the high deserts of New Mexico, their unique sound draws inspiration from a deep connection to the land of the American Southwest and their love of roots music. The So Lows are led by songwriting duo Molly Miller and Ronnie Rael. Their songwriting approach is akin to going sonic fishing; feeling a tug on the line and reeling words and sounds in to express the biting energy, which often draws on introspection but sometimes feels to originate from a transcendent muse. The resulting lyrics and songs reflect an interest in both the personal and collective human experience, often leaning in to a cosmic perspective.

The band’s new release, ‘Times Not So Weathered’ (October 7, 2021), is the first to feature Troy Krusz on slide and lead guitars, Barron Preuss on bass guitar, and Haven Willis on drums. The sophomore effort is a follow up to the band’s debut album, ‘Alto’ (2018), which saw US and international radio play and received an enthusiastic reception from listeners. In 2019 The So Lows embarked on a successful 19 stop US tour in support of ‘Alto.’ With each performance The So Lows continue to garner new fans as they express their experiences through music.