Gotta Get You
I woke up this mornin
With no shoes on my feet
Can’t trust no one
We made a mess, didn’t we
Gotta find somebody
With whom I can talk to
And when I walk
I wanna walk with you
You know that’s what I gotta do

I ain’t got nobody to sing my song
Won’t somebody please right my wrong

I gotta get you

I feel I’ve been torn
These tattered clothes are wearing me
And I ain’t the one
With the gold underneath
Gotta tell you, baby
You know I’m losin my touch, too
Yeah, if I were to try
You’d color my lines
All the way to lonely baby blue

Dead Horse
Everyone I know always tells me the same thing
That when I’m punchin and it’s hurtin so much
The shame
I don’t believe ya
You’re a deceiver
When you say god don’t have a name
That’s why I tear
And I do it year to year
My fear is I’ll never go away

So take it or leave it, baby, ‘cause I ain’t gonna change
You can chain it or beat it, honey, a dead horse is free on the range
Take it or leave it, baby, ‘cause I ain’t ever gonna change
You can chain it or beat it, honey, kick it or eat it
But a dead horse is free on the range
Take it or leave it I’m not gonna change

You know they tell me that money can buy you some fancy things
But it can’t buy you that life or death, healing or pain
I never measure success with pleasure
When it’s all gonna go down the drain
Surely you can’t trust in a world so lost
When we’re all just trapped in a cage

Sometimes it’s easy
Sometimes it ain’t
That’s just the way it is

Time Forgot
If you ask me
I won’t tell ya
You don’t need to know
I ain’t got time
To sell ya
On the lie I’ve been livin for so long
Ain’t holdin on to you
Ain’t holdin on to blue
I won’t live that way anymore
I ain’t the same old dog
That I was before

But I know danger
Said I ain’t no danger to you
Yeah, I know danger
And all I know is that you’re gonna lose

You act mean
But I can tell ya
Got a lot to learn
And I ain’t tryin
To get through
You won’t know until you burn
The sun rises
The sun falls
Here I am, I’m still standin tall
What do you know about stayin high
What do you know about getting right with your danger
Said I ain’t no danger to you
Yeah, you know danger
And all you know is that you’re gonna lose

Heartless society keeps the beat
While time forgot to grieve
All this apathy feeds the greed
While time forgot to
Time forgot to
Time forgot to grieve
Time forgot to grieve
Time forgot about me
Time forgot to grieve


Junkies and Rosaries
I reached up for your help
Baby, I’m beat to the ground
I thought you’d stay a while
Never thought you’d leave me
When I’m down
And I said please don’t leave me alone
Still gotta find my way back home
But the way you said goodbye
You know it chilled me to the bone

And I can’t stop talkin
Cause you don’t come knockin
And I just can’t let you go

But when I am gone
Burry me with roses
Put my body
Underneath the trees
Lift me up
Until I see the angels
Cause we belong together
Like junkies and rosaries
They say when you love
You love more
When you let go
So I guess the sayin
It’s true
But I never wanted to know
Yeah, you really let me down
Don’t get me wrong
And I thought I couldn’t live without you, baby
But it’s so much better
It’s better when you’re gone
Said I never would
Shoulda left when I could
But now I’m gonna leave you alone
Well the roses, they’re dead now
And the violets are, too
That sugar ain’t sweet, babe
And honey, neither are you

I’m in love with you, baby
All of the time
Want you to know what I mean
But you’re in love with the streets and
I think that’s a little out of line
Let me tell you by the time you go
I’m out the door
And I’m searchin
But I don’t know what for
Said the way you love
Gets me so above
I wanna ask you
But I guess you’ll never know
A bird heard you talkin
Little words to a friend
They said you ain’t no sweet thing
Instead of fallin to me
You just hangin over the edge


Alone and Blue
You wore me
Like a pendant
But you’re tendin to somebody new
And now my heart is broken in two
And I do the waltz
But it’s not your fault
I’m alone and blue
I swore that
I’d adore ya
Forever more but I wore my heart on my sleave
And let my feet
Get the best of me
I said I’d never, ever fare the weather
Never for another lover like you
And I feel so cold inside
Well, I found the reason why
The change in seasons lie, my heart will never warm
Oh, what can I do
But waltz

You’re Mine
Stayin high and holdin on to wings that are flyin
Cause fallin don’t come so easily anymore
Bendin, breakin, makin somethin out of takin anything
I can use you for

You know, and I know that
You’re mine
I know something you don’t cause I do things that you won’t
And sooner or later you’ll be askin for more
Baby, don’t fake me, I can see you leavin for maybe a couple of days
But then you’ll knock at the door

Gimme Some Lip
Hold on to the back of the seat
I never do nothin for nothin
If you never do nothin for me
But I’ll drive you at any speed
Catch a glimpse of your destination
It won’t leave your mind that easily

If you wanna skip the trip
And sail away on a hardship
I’ll fill your cup but never take a sip
Just gimme some lip
Come on

You’re steppin on my tracks
Walkin the same way, polite
But don’t know how to act
And you’re lookin for a spot on the map
You lost your one way ticket
And there ain’t no goin back
I wanna skip the trip
And sail away on a hardship
You can fill my cup but don’t you take a sip

Are you lookin for this
Takin steps in your Babylon kicks
You got 10 seconds to get yourself together
Said why don’t ya
Gimme some lip


I been climbin up rainbows
You’re color blind, tellin fables
That nobody’s happy, yeah
Well, I got a sappy way of thinkin
But you just keep on sinkin down

Let the clouds break my fall

I been searchin high and low for
Somethin I got nothin to show for
But I’m not giving up now
You said you think I’m crazy
Well, I don’t need you, baby
Cause I got myself
And the clouds to break my fall

Said I don’t need you at all

On My Way
Out in the city
There ain’t no middle ground
You’re either at the top
Or you’re down
The sunshine ain’t so pretty
When reality hits your face
Everybody’s drivin
And you’re stuck in the same old place
Oh, but I’m leavin, I’m leavin today
I’m on my way
I’m leavin today
Take your payments
In years and in tears
I’ve paid my dues
And now I’m broke
Too much hesitation
For an honest soul
Spent my last dollar
Tryin to figure out which way to go


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